Tulla Booth Gallery


Jonathan Morse

©Jonathan Morse, "Nicole"


Flor Garduno

©Flor Garduno, "Eden", Switzerland 2001


Ken Robbins

©Ken Robbins, "Moonstruck"



"Body + Soul"

February 20 thru March 30, 2010


Artists Reception

Saturday, February 20, 5:30-7:30 PM


Featuring: Flor Garduño, Jonathan Morse,
Ken Robbins


Jonathan Morse's extensive body of black and white prints give a unique sculpture quality to the human form. The "Odalisque series was inspired by the work of 18th Century French Neoclassical painter Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, who painted nudes of great sensuality in a highly realistic manner. Ingres knew about the use of camera obsura, and painted his later portraits directly from photographs. One might consider him a transitional figure embodying not only the elements of classical realism, but also the optical projection of photography." Jonathan holds masters degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, he devotes himself to the digital arts in Sag Harbor, where he is a professional photographer, fine art printer and art book publisher Known as the “artist’s artist,” he enjoys collaborating with other artists, photographers, art galleries and collectors. He is the President of Photographers East, the photographic society of the East End of Long Island.


Flor Garduño has been described as a "poet-photographer." Her powerful images of native peoples throughout the Americas, along with her symbolic nude studies and lyrical still-life, bridge the threshold between the sacred/temporal worlds, and allow viewers to glimpse what Carlos Fuentes called "the moving portrait of eternity." Once an assistant to Manuel Alvarz Bravo, Garduño quickly found her own independence and vision when she made numerous trips to remote parts of Latin America in the 1980s to photograph the lives and rituals of indigenous people. Her book of this work, Witnesses of Time (1992), was published in six editions and became an international success with exhibitions of the photographs traveling to major museums around the world.


Ken Robbins is widely known for his sumptuous photo essays on numerous subjects. He has written and illustrated over twenty books. In addition to children's books, his photographs have appeared on book jackets, album covers, and in magazines. His stunning tinted photographs are also widely collected. This small collection of Nudes is presented in his signature style. Ken Robbins lives in East Hampton, Long Island, NY. Ken is showing with us courtesy of the Pamela Williams Gallery.