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Photo by Bill Silano


Photo by Burt Stern




"Star Struck"

Celebrity + Fashion Photography

August 19 to September 12, 2007


Artist Reception:
Saturday, August 18, 2007 from 6 to 8 pm


An exhibit curated by Tulla Booth with the discerning collector in mind.


We are dazzled by the glitz and glamour of the stage whether it be film, stage or the runway. There are certain iconic stars of all the different venues that rise above the rest - be it their role or their celebrity - that make one image so much more magical at that moment in time.



Adger W. Cowans

A painter and a photographer with a long history of film and still work. Among many other exhibits, he has shown recently at Firenze Biennale in Italy; ‘Committed to the Image’ at the Brooklyn Museum of Art; ‘A history of African American Photographers’ and ‘Seeing Jazz’, both at the Smithsonian Museum, and the Detroit Institute of Arts ‘Reflections in Black: Smithsonian African American Photography'. Cowan’s photographs have been exhibited at the George Eastman House, the International Center for Photography, the Chicago Institute of Design, and Harvard University.


Burt Glinn

From Castro to the Kennedys, and from the snow country of Japan to the desert city of Jerusalem, Mr. Glinn has spent more than a half-century traveling the world and capturing on film the grand social scene and great political events. The pictures in this show -- both black and white and in color -- reveal Mr. Glinn's huge range and impeccable eye for people and places.

View more photos by Burt Glinn.


Bill Silano

Rediscovered! His iconic fashion photographs for the classic Harpers Bazaar of the 60’s and 70’s are legendary. His surrealistic style stunned the fashion world at that time. Here we are showing a few of the great images available to view after all these years. The images are timeless -- they transcend fashion and photography to become art that withstands the test of time.


Bert Stern

Lost Slides -- we are showing signed/numbered Marilyn Monroe Images from lost slides of "The Last Sitting" offered by a private collector. His best known work is arguably a collection of 2,500 photographs, some nude or semi-nude, taken of Marilyn Monroe over a three-day period, six weeks before her death for Vogue Magazine. Bert Stern is an American fashion and celebrity portrait photographer.